Crayon Pop ‘Choa’ Participating in Rookie Group Zan Zan’s Debut Album ‘Chicken Feet’

According to Chrome Entertainment on the 13th, one of Crayon Pop members ‘Choa’ is duetting with a rookie group ‘Zan Zan’ in their new ballad album.
‘Chicken Feet’ will be released in two different versions; an original version and another one that Choa participated in. Unlike the title, ‘Chicken Feet’ is known as a ballad song.
‘Chicken Feet’ is composed by Jong Tae Eun, who has also written lyrics for another rookie girl group under Chrome Entertainment Bob Girls’ ‘No Way,’ Mi Rae Yoon’s ‘Touch Love,’ and SS501’s ‘Because I Am Stupid.’ Also, 17Holic, who has written lyrics for Yeon Woo Kim, DalShaBet, 2PM, KARA, and etc, has collaborated with Jong Tae Eun.
With emotional and sadness feelings of intro and Min Goo Park’s sentimental voice along with acoustic guitar sounds, ‘Chicken Feet’ is about a broken-hearted man who has lost his love. In the duet version, Choa’s high notes and explosive singing is extremely outstanding.
Meanwhile, Zan Zan has shown their unique voice through an OST of soap opera «DaePungSu.» Min Goo Park , a member of Zan Zan, is known as the second Sung Mo Cho and Jong Gook Kim, and Jung Mo Yang, the other member, was already broadcasted through MBC survival audition program ‘Star Audition Great Birth.’ This duet group will debut with their digital single album in June.


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